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let’s end mass incarceration together!

The Texas Center for Justice and Equity (TCJE) advocates at the state Capitol and in counties throughout Texas to end mass incarceration, shift funding towards community supports, and reduce racial inequities in the criminal legal system.

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“Spending the night in an adult jail at 17 was one of the worst experiences of my life. There’s no one you can ask for help.”

Texas kids are locked up in the adult system right now. You can help us stop this from happening.

Invest today to support TCJE's fight for a policy change that will keep Texas kids out of adult prisons.

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The Big Picture


Number of people in prison in Texas


Percent of people in Texas county jails who have not been tried or convicted


Percent of people in Texas prisons who are Black, despite Black people making up only 13% of Texas' general population


Percent of women in Texas prisons who are mothers


Texas’ ranking – out of 50 states and Washington D.C. – in providing access to mental health care

Ending the War on Drugs in Austin

Data on Drug War Policing in Travis County (Austin), Texas

In October 2021, TCJE released a new data story that maps arrests for possession of a controlled substance (POCS) in Travis County. We partnered with January Advisors to create a scrolling data visualization that shows how police saturation is tied to social vulnerability - like fewer jobs or social supports, lower education levels, and more renters - in certain Austin-area neighborhoods. This project is a continuation of our work with partners in the Austin area to draw attention to the war on drugs, through a report in which we analyzed nearly 3,000 POCS cases with quantities of less than one gram. 

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition is now the Texas Center for Justice and Equity! Learn More