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“We’re not felons. We’re people.”

Whatever your story of system impact is, you deserve the chance to thrive—and the opportunity to make a change. Our Statewide Leadership Council (SLC) is a community of directly impacted Texans, and they’re fighting for a future where everyone has a second chance to succeed.


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“Spending the night in an adult jail at 17 was one of the worst experiences of my life. There’s no one you can ask for help.”

Texas kids are locked up in the adult system right now. You can help us stop this from happening.

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The Big Picture


Number of people in prison in Texas


Percent of people in Texas county jails who have not been tried or convicted


Percent of people in Texas prisons who are Black, despite Black people making up only 13% of Texas' general population


Percent of women in Texas prisons who are mothers


Texas’ ranking – out of 50 states and Washington D.C. – in providing access to mental health care

Interim Testimony

The TCJE Team Speaks Up At The Texas Legislature

Between regular sessions of the Texas Legislature (which run from January through May of odd-numbered years), lawmakers meet for “interim hearings.” Committees hold these hearings to inform what they’ll focus on once the regular session begins, and they’re an opportunity for experts, advocates, impacted people, and the public to get legislators’ attention. During 2022, the TCJE team has been at the Texas Capitol for various hearings to inform leaders on issues where we have both policy expertise and lived experience. Click the links below to learn more about the interim, and to watch videos of our team’s testimony on important issues like conditions of confinement and youth justice!

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition is now the Texas Center for Justice and Equity! Learn More