Statewide Leadership Council Videos

The Statewide Leadership Council (SLC) hosts advocacy and organizing trainings for their Advocacy Team and the wider public. As they've prepared for and participated in Texas's 87th Legislative Session, they have hosted a series of webinars.

From Prison to Power: Finding Your Voice After Incarceration

Throughout 2022, the SLC has gathered in Texas cities for "From Prison to Power: Finding Your Voice After Incarceration" events focused on formerly incarcerated leaders and their journey to advocacy. The uplifting, interactive discussions feature information about the Texas legislature, youth justice, women's justice, local issues, and more. The events also feature local organizations in each city along with resources on voting and record clearing. Below are videos from SLC events in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.


Pharr Visioning Session

In July 2021, the SLC met in Pharr to connect with local leaders and impacted community members, share more about legislative advocacy, and get the community involved. 

Tyler Visioning Session

In April 2021, the SLC met in Tyler to discuss legislation with community members, receive feedback, and share personal stories of system impact. 

Clean Slate Visioning Session

In February 2021, the SLC met for a hybrid virtual/in-person event based in Beaumont to discuss Clean Slate legislation with community members and SLC participants. During the interactive visioning session, participants shared personal stories of how Clean Slate would change their lives and helped strategize around the proposal.

Training on Mobilization Around Parole Reform

In February 2021, the SLC met to talk in-depth about strategies for common-sense parole reform during Texas' 2021 Legislative Session. Participants shared their lived experience with an arbitrary parole system and explained how the process remains murky even for many justice system practitioners, then shared how the Advocacy Team can get involved. 

100 Days of Justice Kickoff

In January 2021, the SLC kicked off their 100 Days of Justice campaign with a webinar that highlighted the issues they're working on. The conversation included both substantive policy background and personal stories of system impact. In addition to watching the video, you can follow their campaign and participate on social media at #SLC100

Clean Slate Legislation

In January 2021, the SLC and leaders in the Clean Slate movement discussed the background of Clean Slate legislation and what that policy could look like in Texas.

Parole Reform

In January 2021, the SLC discussed their vision for parole reform that can help people get back on their feet and reduce recidivism in Texas.

Advocacy 101 - Livingston

In fall 2020, the Statewide Leadership Council (SLC) sat down for a meeting in Livingston. This event included special guest, Representative James White! Participants covered the basics of justice advocacy in Texas.