Statewide Leadership Council (SLC): Our Mission

We are formerly incarcerated and system-impacted Texans committed to ending incarceration in this state. Our current criminal legal system is rooted in slavery and racism, and those consigned to Texas cages have been disproportionately and intentionally African-American. Our system has devastated countless Texas communities and denied members of those communities a viable path to a sustainable, dignified life while intentionally excluding them from any transformative process.

We claim our right of inclusion and leadership in that process, based on the reality that incarceration has traumatized us, our families, and our communities. Our lived experience with this trauma compels us to dismantle current criminal legal policies and practices and seek alternatives to incarceration, always placing the desires of our communities at the forefront of transformation.

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Policy Priorities

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Common-Sense Parole

Clean Slate and New Wings

Emergency Management

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Advocacy Team

The SLC’s Steering Committee is supported by a growing Advocacy Team of system-impacted people across Texas.

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Statewide Leadership Council in Action

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While the Texas Center for Justice and Equity (TCJE) sponsors the Statewide Leadership Council (SLC), the SLC’s work is largely independent and participant-led. Ideas expressed by the SLC and its participants do not necessarily represent the positions of TCJE.